Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Relief in Burke, VA

Shoulder Pain 

Shoulder Pain Relief in Burke, VAThe shoulder is an elegant and complex piece of machinery. Its design allows us to reach and use our hands in many different positions. However, while the shoulder joint has great range of motion, it is not very stable. This makes the shoulder vulnerable to problems if any of its parts aren’t in good working order.

The rotator cuff muscles & tendons are key to the healthy functioning of the shoulder. They are subject to a lot of wear and tear, or degeneration, as we use our arms. Injury to the rotator cuff muscles & tendons is an especially painful injury. An injured rotator cuff creates a weak shoulder.  Rotator cuff injuries can occur at any age.


Causes of Shoulder Pain:

Shoulder pain is most commonly caused by a muscular imbalance in the rotator cuff muscles.  Certain activities that we do on a daily basis such as working on a computer, driving, sleeping, etc. cause the rotator cuff muscular imbalances to occur.

Shoulder pain can be accelerated by repeating the same types of shoulder motions. This can happen with overhand athletes, such as baseball pitchers. But even doing routine chores like cleaning windows, washing and waxing cars, or painting can cause the rotator cuff to fatigue from overuse.

Excessive force can strain rotator cuff muscles & tendons. This force can come from trying to catch a heavy falling object or lifting an extremely heavy object with the arm extended. The force can also be from a fall directly onto the shoulder. Sometimes injuries that tear the rotator cuff are painful, but sometimes they aren’t. Researchers estimate that up to 40 percent of people may have a mild rotator cuff tear without even knowing

Symptoms of Shoulder Pain:

Patients generally report the feeling of a deep ache directly in the shoulder which can become sharper with certain shoulder movements. The ache may spread down into the front, side or back of the shoulder. Pain is usually made worse with overhead activities. Resting the shoulder generally eases pain.


When you first visit NOVA Chiropractic & Wellness Center, Dr. Sullivan will examine your shoulder and speak with you about the history of your problem. Diagnosis of a shoulder injury is generally made during the history and physical examination. There are several conditions that can cause shoulder pain.  A X-Ray or MRI of the shoulder may also be performed to determine the severity of the injury and to visual the joint, muscle and tendons.

Treatments for Shoulder Pain:

At NOVA Chiropractic & Wellness Center we use a multi-disciplinary approach to treating shoulder pain.  We combine Active Release Techniques and Graston Technique to loosen up the muscular imbalance in the rotator cuff and break up any scar tissue that may have formed during the injury.  We combine those technqiues with Kinesio-taping if needed to provide the correct support for the shoulder allowing it to heal properly.  Dr. Sullivan will also provide you with stretches and exercises to prevent the shoulder for further injury.

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Video Testimonials Of Patients That We Have Helped

I have been suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain which has caused headaches for years.  Since I have been coming I have fewer headaches and been in much less pain.  I can’t recommend the NOVA Chiropractic & Wellness Center enough.  Dr. Sullivan is a credit to the chiropractic profession.  He has helped reduce my pain and loosened up my neck and shoulders with ART.   ~Kyle Rodgers

Dr. Sullivan has a tremendous understanding of ART and how to help anyone with an injury speed the recovery process. I believe Dr. Sullivan’s perceptive manner looks beyond my therapy to my competitive mindset. As a former triathlete and recent shoulder replacement patient I may not be running any races, but I do want to get back to an active lifestyle. Dr. Sullivan has helped me overcome my therapy challenges and I feel 110% better. Thanks Doc!” – Jim C.

A 10 year old injury to my right shoulder and the right side of my back created difficulty in my pro hockey career until I met Dr. Sullivan. Since my injury in college I have been seen by many Chiropractic Doctors who always thought by a quick adjustment would fix my problem. The pain never decreased until I began treatment with Dr. Sullivan. His A.R.T. treatments have taken away my pains, which has helped to prolong my hockey career and now allows me perform at a higher level . The treatments have increased my range of motion, flexibility, and strength. Dr. Sullivan is a BIG part of why my hockey career is still a success! ~Ernie H.

Dr. Sullivan,

Thank you so much for fixing my hip and shoulder.  My strength and pain have improved so much from ART.  You have helped me get ready for the 2007 Hockey season.  ~Ryan Lannon,  Pittsburg Penguins