Deep Tissue Laser Therapy in Burke, VA – LightForce Laser

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy in Burke, VA

NOVA Chiropractic offers the most effective and state of the art Deep Tissue Laser Therapy available for fast healing and pain relief.

Laser Therapy in Burke, VADeep Tissue Laser Therapy is a scientifically proven treatment to reduce pain and inflammation.  Treatments are fast, safe, painless and most patients experience results after only a few sessions.

Laser therapy generates a photochemical response in damaged tissue by a process called photobiomodulation.  This process stimulates healing on a cellular level by enabling cells to more rapidly produce energy (ATP).

Laser Therapy is clinically proven to reduce pain and inflammation associated with many common musculoskeletal conditions, such as neck pain, lower back pain, herniated discs, sports injuries, arthritis, post op pain and swelling, bursitis, tendonitis, rotator cuff, hip pain and plantar fasciitis. Laser Therapy is currently being used to treat professional athletes from the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, PGA, NCAA and Olympic athletes.

The LightForce™ Deep Tissue Therapy Laser by LiteCure® Medical is FDA cleared and represents a great advance in medical technology. NOVA Chiropractic is proud to provide another effective treatment option to our patients with this latest proven technology.

If you are suffering from any of these conditions, Laser Therapy can help.  Call our office today at (703) 912-7822 to schedule your laser appointment.

Watch these videos to learn more about Deep Tissue Laser Therapy.