Insurances Accepted and Pricing

Insurance and Costs
NOVA Chiropractic makes it a priority to be able to offer patients cost effective options for treatments and therapies.

In-Network Insurances
NOVA Chiropractic is in-network with all Carefirst, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and Anthem insurances. Typically patients will pay a co-pay or coinsurance for all treatments except for Laser Therapy, and if the insurance plan includes a deductible the patient will only pay the contracted rates set by the insurances.

Out-of-Network Insurances
We process Out-of-Network insurances including Aetna, United Healthcare, GEHA, and Mail Handlers. If you have insurance not listed here, please contact our office and we will discuss any additional insurances.

NOVA Chiropractic accepts all Medicare patients. Medicare only covers the chiropractic adjustment, examinations and any additional therapies are the responsibility of the patient.  If you have a secondary insurance we will submit any charges to the secondary insurance for payment. If you do not have a secondary insurance you may choose to join our discount program called ChiroHealth USA to receive a significant discount on treatments that are not covered by Medicare.

Cash Patients
NOVA Chiropractic offers a cost-effective program to patients that are military, do not have insurance or that have insurances with limited Chiropractic benefits. We offer a discount program call ChiroHealthUSA that allows for us to be in compliance with state and federal healthcare regulations AND offer patients affordable care.

How does ChiroHealthUSA work?
The patient enrolls in ChiroHealthUSA for $49 a year enabling the patient to receive discounted treatments and services in the office. This fee includes the patient AND their family members that are considered a dependent. Patients can easily enroll in the program directly at our office.

What kind of discount will I receive?
Patients will receive a 40% discount off of the regular cost of treatments and therapies. Additionally, there are capped amounts placed on your first visit and any follow up visits.

Can I still submit the visits to my insurance?
Yes! Patients that enroll in the program can submit the visits to their insurances for reimbursement. NOVA Chiropractic will provide you with an itemized statement for each visit. This is especially useful for patients that have large deductibles and want to pay less up-front costs and still submit the claims to insurances.

Are any therapies excluded?
Laser Therapy, Rocktape service, and The Game Ready System are excluded from the discount program.

Not sure what type of Chiropractic benefits you have through your insurance?
We know that understanding your coverage and benefits can be difficult and confusing at times. NOVA Chiropractic offers a free service of checking on your benefits for you before your appointment so that you can understand your options and the potential costs ahead of time. There is no obligation to schedule an appointment. Note: The coverage and benefits provided by NOVA Chiropractic is not a guarantee of coverage. It is always recommended that the patients follow-up with their insurances as well to verify coverage and benefits.

What do we need from you to help verify your benefits?
All we need are four pieces of information, and whether you would like for us to call you and provide your benefits over the phone or send them to you via email.  Please send insurance verification coverage emails to

Full Name                               Insurance Name                                  Member ID#                          Date of Birth


Preferred method of contact:

Phone:                       Email: