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February 2014
Conventional Medicine Vs. Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Biomechanical Chain – Do You Know How Connected Your Body Is?

January 2014
Why Shoulders are So Susceptible to Injury
Understanding Acupuncture
Exercises in the Office and On the Go
The Right Foods for You in 2014

December 2013
Dr. Sullivan Adds The Game Ready System to the Practice
To Get Surgery or to Not Get Surgery

November 2013
Where Headaches Come From

October 2013
Hip Flexors – A Muscle Group to Not Take for Granted
Why Joint Health is NO Joke
The 411 About Sciatica

September 2013
How Scar Tissue Plays a Major Role in Chronic Pain & Tightness
Dr. Sullivan is Sponsoring a Veteran's Calendar!
Radiculopathy – The Paint that Radiates

August 2013
Backpack Safety – Need to Know Precautions
Tendinitis & Tendonosis, Types and Treatments
Benefits of Yoga, And the Different Types

July 2013
Knee Popping & Clicking – Is It Normal?
Importance of Posture
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Causes and Treatments

June 2013
How to Choose the Right Mattress
Improving Golf Performance
Custom-Made Orthotics are Made for Walking

May 2013
All About the Alignment
Herniated Discs & Spinal Decompression Therapy
The Real Benefits of Walking
The Art of Active Release Techniques (ART)

April 2013
The Latest & Greatest Addition to NOVA Chiropractic: K-Laser Therapy