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Performance Care For Golf

Chiropractor in Burke, VAWhether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior at NOVA Chiropractic & Wellness Center we can improve your performance. Dr. Sullivan has extensive training in the biomechanics of the human body. He can watch a patient run and determine which muscles are being over used and/or which muscles are compensating for weaker muscles and plan a treatment protocol to improve a patient’s biomechanics. Dr. Sullivan is also certified by the Titleist Performance Institute and a member of Professional Sports Care that provides Chiropractic care at PGA Tour events. He will be able to diagnosis and treat your golf related injuries and altered biomechanics. He can perform an analysis of your swing and golf fitness level to determine where your faulty biomechanics occur during the golf swing. From his analysis he will develop a customized work out plan to address the problem areas and correct the biomechanics thus improving your performance.

Dr. Sullivan is a certified medical professional for the Titleist Performance Institute.

Improve your Golf Game

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